Living in the Shadows


Antiquity and agedness casts a long shadow over our lives. Those who have tread this sod before have given life, invention, inspiration and integrity that those who live today enjoy without thought or memory in most cases. Paths have been cut, walkways have been laid out, thoroughfares have been excavated in advance for those who take advantage. Heritage and legacy allow for abundance of living and exploration, and the basics, the foundation has been set firmly in place.

However, what if the shadow runs out? What if heritage and legacy are deleted? What if those living today have no interest in the principles and ways of those who trod before? What if the firm foundation is destroyed, and people decide to build upon sand or wind?

The shadow for tomorrow is being cast today, and what sort of shadow shall it be? Will those who live beneath the shadow of today’s populous enjoy the same benefits or shall the absence of substance leave nothing to live within? One does well to examine the shadow he or she is casting for prodigy will be the recipients of the substance produced by today’s ways. Until tomorrow…Why Say More?

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Owner of two businesses in Tallahassee. Love to write, and enjoy reading.
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1 Response to Living in the Shadows

  1. Truly said. All heritage and legacy is of no use if the younger generation does’t have an interest in it. Sadly, sometimes there is no solution for such a situation. Guess, that’s why the roots have to be established from childhood. At least, that’s my point of view.

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