The Aftermath of the Scrambled Puzzle


There it is. After five weeks and two days, the one thousand piece puzzle is finally complete. Only a couple other people have contributed a couple pieces, and the solo attempt to do something magnanimous is over. Every edge piece is perfect, and every corner piece frames the photo perfectly. Accomplishment is realized. Success is found, and the inward pleasure of meeting the task is unmatched.

But then, overnight, within a few seconds, someone mean spirited, someone dastardly, someone without regard to all the hard work and time, destroys the puzzle. Every sky piece that took so long to find, every blade of grass, and every edge and corner piece are lost in the pile of individual pieces that must be sorted again. The sorrow, the grief, the anger, the desire for revenge and finding the culprit rages. What is one to do?

Begin with the first piece. Find the edges and boundaries again. Take the time to seek out the sky pieces. Realize the grass once more, and slowly, but surely, the puzzle will come together again. Only this time, put the puzzle in a safe place after it is completed and realize there are puzzle destroyers everywhere. Until tomorrow…Why Say More?

About whatshizname

Owner of two businesses in Tallahassee. Love to write, and enjoy reading.
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1 Response to The Aftermath of the Scrambled Puzzle

  1. Bdazzle says:

    Nice post on scramble puzzles .I like to play puzzle

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