Friends without Barriers

Today there will be an
abundance of conversations all throughout the world. Some will be
meaningful and have great significance, and others will be filled
with triviality and balderdash. Still chatter will occur, and
communication will prevail. However, there will be those instances
when reserve is employed, and the person who desires to say one thing
will say another, and the restraint of the tongue will sometimes be
beneficial and other times seek only to hide. That’s when true
friendship is revealed. That’s when one knows if he or she has
friends without barriers.

An old manuscript states, “A
friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity”
When a person is in “the heat of the battle”, “engaged in the
war”, and “where the rubber meets the road” the truest
relationships appear, and those who are merely acquaintances and
associates manifest themselves. Friends know no barriers, and the
revelation of the deepest thoughts and feelings are never impeded for
lack of trust. In other words the simplistic “raw” individual
will be known, and nothing is hidden from view.

So, how many “friends
without barriers” does each reader know? How many people can be
trusted with the deepest, darkest thoughts and ideas within? How many
times has each reader bore his or her soul in hopes that a “friend
without barriers” would appear only to find themselves shoved into
a proverbial closet of disregard, unresponsiveness and disassociative
labels? Perhaps today should be a day when people seek others to whom
they could be a “true friend”, a “friend without barriers”
and find themselves confided in when adversity compasses their
friend’s life.

Until tomorrow…Why Say

About whatshizname

Owner of two businesses in Tallahassee. Love to write, and enjoy reading.
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1 Response to Friends without Barriers

  1. moleboi says:

    If what you mean here by a true friend is one who you can share anything with then I can’t say I have a true friend in that sense. However if a true friend is taken by Aristotle’s interpretation, that is being someone who you enjoy being in the company of, provides some purpose to you and when they are absent you long for their company once more then I can say I have a small handful of true friends.

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